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Minerva West

Ouray County's Community of PLAY

Minerva West grew from a deep commitment to local community theater. It was founded by Artistic Director, Kathleen O'Mara, who developed the youth theater for Ridgway's Weehawken Creative Arts in 2015 and launched Ridgway's first community theater company in 2017 as Theater Director for Sherbino Theater.

In 2022, Kathy left the Sherbino and established Minerva West.  Dedicated to offering performance arts for all, Minerva West is a western iteration of The Minerva Arts Center (Minerva Stage), in Williamstown, MA, founded by O’Mara and friends in 1996.
The organization derived its name from Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, justice and the sponsor of arts.


Moving forward, Minerva West will strive to build on the community and sense of belonging that inspired its establishment through regular theatrical performances, youth workshops and performance arts education.


Minerva West's All My Sons performance 2022

Meet The Team

Artistic Director  -  Kathleen O'Mara

Summer Intern  -  Riley Burr          
... and many unnamed volunteers     

Board of Directors

Brenda Racliff  -  President        

Ninah Hunter  -  VP / Secretary
Debra Overton  -  Treasurer          

Cat Lichtenbelt  -  At Large          

Help Build The Team

Minerva West, like all nonprofit organizations, relies on the generosity of our volunteers and supporters to bring our mission
to life. All levels of support are greatly aappreciated. Giving levels are listed on our Donation page accessed via the Get Involved tab. 


Join our team with a tax deductible contribution today.

Our Sponsors

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